When Your Phone is at 1%...

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The top 20 coolest (but near impossible) ways to charge your phone!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • 1 month of trick shots into the best 1 minute video possible!

  • The timing of the last 2 phones saying like and subscribe was pretty cool

  • The charging sound is actually the sound of victory for this man.

    • No what no no no no no no no

    • It's two men

    • Exactly,well said 😁👍🏻

  • "AaH! My phone's at 1%!" *Proceeds to make an entire cardboard track to do a trick shot*

  • Let’s take time to appreciate how many attempts this guy may have done for just a 1 min video

  • Sometimes I wonder: How can this work so well but those videos are made with a lot of work and even luck. I love it.

  • That's one way to send someone a message: slide your phone across the room

    • @Greg Simspon ?

    • @kyw wow thats dopE BLu.

    • 801st like

    • 👈👈 MERRY CHRISTMAS ☃️☃️☃️☃️.......

    • @aDK360 오! 안녕?

  • All the trick-shots are in sync with the music it’s so satisfying

  • The fact that you are willing to do the trick shot over and over again to make it perfect really shows that you care so much about your fans. You guys are really amazing!!!

  • I love how some times the "Whu" of the cellphone, is timed with the music :)

  • I feel like doing the wireless chargers would be a bit more of an easy challenge 😅

  • this is so freaking cool, though I do sometimes worry about how hard some of these impacts are, I hope your phones aren't getting damaged from this video!

    • How?

    • How?

    • @Samir Azmi ok liar

    • oh they are

    • @Dying light 2 brendan gamer That's what apple tells everytime in their IPhone Ads. It's just a joke so don't take it serious.

  • Can we take a moment to appreciate that the “Brrrum” when a phone starts charging is lined up with the music.

  • Man if I could do all the stuff this guy could do that would be amazing

  • Can we all just take a minute to think on how much work they put into there videos

  • I like how most of the times he plugs them only after they reach 10%

  • I wonder how many cables/phones have been broken in the making of this video lol. Awesome work man!

    • @Meme Thoughts yes we would, there’s literally a bloopers video-

    • Congratulations on 1 thousand likes!

    • @Dylan Dixon i mentioned that people are forced to choose Apple and stick to it knowingly or unknowingly. I guess you fall in the knowingly group. If you don't have a problem it's good for you but i was in the unknowingly group and I felt cheated by that.

    • @Harikrishna V.S. im not trapped using apple. I enjoy their products. Ive had the same iphone going on 4-5 years now with no problems.

    • 0

  • This is really good although in these clips your phone was never at 1% 😂

  • I love the little ding at the end of every shot lol

  • I like how every time they get it the Lock Screen back round says That’s Amazing!

  • 0:47 I wonder what would happen if the phone was actually 1 percent but still insane trickshots

  • I can only imagine the ridiculous amount of effort that goes into these. Absolutely incredible as always guys!!

    • What’s really shocking about this whole video is, the lack of furniture in the home.

    • I've never seen trick shotting like this ever🤯

    • Yes staria

    • And the amount of money on new charging cords after probably multiple failed attempts and broken chargers lol

  • This is the most satisfying thing I've ever seen👀 *I'd just be afraid my charger might break or something-*

  • 0:20 That's exactly what I do when my phone is at 1% battery

  • I would be too scared to damage these expansive iPhones for sure lol

  • * my phone is in 1% charge but still iam watching this video and trying to make it 😂😂*

  • that that’s actually amazing not awesome amazing imagine how many hours they had to record this in 1 month YOURE FREAKING AMAZING

  • Imagine how scratched up the back of the phone/ case would be lol

  • The sound phone make after every shot it starts charging is so satisfying

  • When im dreaming I will hear the charging of an iphone lol. Awesome video! 👌

  • Question : How many Iphones were broken while filming this ? Answer : yes

  • The scratches at the phone's back might be amazing.

  • It's amazing how magical phones can be.

  • Imagine how many chargers they broke trying this

  • Who feels uncomfortable when the phone hits the charger so hard.

  • Once again these trick shots are just insane the effort it takes it’s just… you guys are so great and I love the patience of how hard these all are! Great job, and Next Level!

  • My phone hardly even goes on charge when I actually plug it in wth this is soo cool!

  • I can never get old of the I phone charging sound

  • I like how the phones said "that's amazing!"

  • Later that day, Phone repair guy: "Sir, your phone has a busted charger port. What in hell are you doing with it?"

  • Ah yes the "Demolish your charge port in a week" Challenge, love to see it happen

  • I love this it's amazing , fascinating , fantastic I don't have perfect words to say OP

  • I love how some of the trick shots hit on the beat

  • One day he surely break the record of Dude perfect

  • Me imagino intentando esto en casa... " Dios! se ha destrozado el móvil!

  • That’s amazing. Considering that the charger fits perfectly. I can’t even fit the charger in by hand without scraping the charger across my phone until I find the opening

    • just a suggestion but draw some hair around the port😁

    • 👈👈 MERRY CHRISTMAS ☃️☃️☃️☃️.......

    • @-_Deploy_- [Black Forces] You too my schitlez friend

    • @-_Deploy_- [Black Forces] loose?

    • @-_Deploy_- [Black Forces] the wok?

  • trick shot guy: "Alright time to do another charging trickshot." Phone charging port: "NO NO PLEASE STO-"

  • This is so perfect and cool, But you do know you can just casually walk to the charger and charge it instead of murdering your phone-

  • Caution: All phones in the entire world were harmed making this video 😃

  • Yea exactly , when ur phone is at 1% , you make complicated structures and try a hundred times to get it charged Btw nice vid

  • And what about when your charging port no longer works?

  • That's cool, but it's also EXTREMELY damaging to your phone and the cable

  • I tell you in 5 years these guys will be the Dude Perfect

  • Important Note: His phone reached 1% level doing these tricks... 👍🏻😅

  • Yesssss, I've been wanting more of these trick shots for ages!

    • Tu

  • This guy deserves to be with dude perfect

  • 0:49 It wont take him less than 5 seconds to walk there and get it charged instead of waiting for it to roll all the way down🙄😅😅

  • imagine how many times they broke the charger for it

  • After trying this at home, Me: "Please do a video on *How to remove scratches at back of the phone* " LOL😁😅

  • My iPhone trickshots look like amateur hour now 😂

  • Hats off to the built quality of that phone and charger 💀💀💀

  • Love the creativity fellas.... Keep up the good work..subscribed

  • So this is the reason why chargers are selling well in our shop ,🤣

  • Well. What can I say, except... that's amazing!

  • Super impressive and creative! Love the different objects you guys used to slide and move the iPhone!

  • And here i am struggling to plug in the charger using my hand.

  • This is technically us watching him charging his phone for 1 minute and 35 seconds

  • Fun Fact: If you take away the music from the video, 50% of the video sound is the Iphone ding when charging.

  • 0:48 do same with wired charger pin.

  • I am new to your family's channels and I am amazed at the things that all of you do. I so appreciate the fact that all of your videos are family friendly....such a welcome change from so many channels. Please keep the great videos coming.

  • The most useless, but on the other hand, the coolest video I have ever seen. How many gorgeous ways to charge your phone there are.

  • The freaking things you do when you're phone is at 1%

  • Fun fact : his phone was never at 1%. Lol

  • 최고의 영상을 만들기 위해 했을 엄청난 노력이 보이네요 👍💯💯 항상 좋은영상 감사합니다!!

  • I love how you put so much effort into a video and make it look like it was easy . Hats off to you buddies

  • Imagine the charger piece gets stuck in the phone after this

  • 300$ in charging port repairs: 👍🏼

  • Fun fact,none of those phone got 1% before they got to charger lol

  • How are you doing this trick shots so perfectly wow

  • Matthew: “I wonder what video we should do next…” *sees Tommy on his phone* “Hey, you don’t mind a few scratches on your phone do you?” Edit: I knew this comment would be good hehe

  • That’s amazing makes everything look so easy

  • My phone would have been to 100% before you got any of these set up! Very cool video! 😎

  • Thank you for making it in time with the music 😂

  • Now the sound of an iPhone charging is stuck in my head

  • Fun fact: he's actually risking literally destroying his phone

    • What's so fun about that fun fact lol?

    • From revenue of this vdo He can buy multiple phones like that

    • @SoyouzFull true

    • Wow I didn't know that

    • Don’t worry for him, with 12M of views he can buy more than Just 2 phones lol

  • And I can’t even get my phone to charge (half the time) by plugging it in normally

  • how does that impact not seriously damage the charging cable/port

  • That'll get you far in life👍🏼

  • Imagine how many phones for practice… 😜

  • Most of these are just lining it up and timing, which is cool, but 1:05 is just pure skill 😎

    • And it's on a drop

    • I wrote exactly the comment before I read yours😂😂

  • I’d break my phone’s charging port and charger for 13m views on one of my videos. 👍🏼

  • Phone and charger were not being harmed in this video 😂😂

  • This must have taken THOUSANDS of tries to get it PERFECT😳😳 and 1:00 AMAZING ✨✨

  • Fun fact :-every mobile charging voice is same😂😂😂😂

  • This is actually so creative!🔥😱

  • The phone and charger : are we made for playing?

  • MagSafe Charger: charge your phone with style.

  • I literally want to know how many phones were damaged😂😂

  • This is so cool! Hope your phones are ok😳

  • It's unreal to think how relatable this is to me whenever my phone gets to 1%🔥🔥🔥