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Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 6 is finally here! This is definitely our best water bottle flip video yet! Everything in the video is 100% real! Watch our bloopers here: ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/poOcqIKlzWKsaKA

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Shoutout to Mark Rober because . . . why not?

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more!

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  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into all the bottle flip trickshot videos.. The things he does for content makes me think he needs 10M subs at least

  • I love how they react to the shots they make. Like, when Tommy reached 3000 his whole family literally screamed.

    • Yea bc it was a world record

  • I personally think this is amazing and can we please just take a few moments to thank them for spending weeks of effort to just put in 1 single video

  • You know the trick shot is hard tommy actually gives a genuine reaction

  • I've been watching you for so long, and you guys are still a big inspiration to me.

  • This was more then amazing keep up the good work boys!!

  • Wait what this is insane I've literally been trying 4:00 for almost 9 months and still can't get it is truly one of the best trick shots of all time

  • Wow you guys are not kidding - you guys are literally amazing crazy trick shot video. love the cap on the dice stack. Next level!

  • Imagine how good tommy is at counting

  • The song: I Know someday we will rule the world The video: kids doing trickshots out of their mind Jokes aside,this is very impressive!

  • Amazing “that's amazing“ You three are amazing I especially like the kid He's just stupendous At such a young age

  • I love all these bottle flips, I am trying to do many bottle flips and the bottle flips you do are just amazing Tommy did 3000 in a row. Amazing. I mean the best bottle flip channel I have seen

    • They aren't just a bottle flip channel. They do dart trick shots, ping pong trick shots, and other stuff too. But the bottle flips are what they are probably most famous for, and maybe the best part of these channel.

  • Matthew 2016 '' one hundred bottle flips in a row " Tommy 2020. Hold my beer

  • You guys truly are amazing!!

  • they're so good at flipping water bottles it's scary

  • 4:59 … a record that will never be broken in the family

  • these are cooler then a small glue stick flip!

  • Man did 3000 bottle flips in a row. Last one on cap, meanwhile I can't even do 5 in a row

  • How just how. These looked amazing and extremely hard. Great job 👏

  • We need Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 7!!

    • Heck dam yes wee do

    • @Adam D Yeah, u r right

    • they are trying there best dont get them over worked it takes sooooo long to do these

    • HELL YEAH WE DO!!!!

  • Nice trick shots! I wish I could do that too.

  • 0:30 I always wondered how many times he landed one of the cap on caps🤔

  • dude im so excited to watch bottle flipping 7 now that ive seen this lol i think i know the next tower too

    • I'm guessing on Tommy scoring at least 50 cap flips in a row and 5000 normal flips in a row in the next video

  • This video inspired so many people to start ILaward channels, me included!

  • Matthew: for the triple tower, how many times did you make the cap on cap, but missed the top?

    • @Henry Corrigan yes. Matthew said it takes him like 5 minutes to do one so he has to do one every 5 minutes

  • I could watch this all day everyday..... INSANE VIDEO GUYS. FANTASTIC JOB 🤘🤘

  • so awesome i love the 3000 bottle flips in a row

  • That’s amazing are legends I can only do 500 water bottle flips in a row they never stop

  • Fun fact: every 10 shots there's a crazy one (20 shots)

  • 2:39 dude literally I thought that the ball circulated because of the fan😂

  • I love the part where he flipped the bottle

  • I like how Tommy did 3,000 Bottle flips in a row and I like how he cap the ending

  • The sad thing is about all these bottle flips is that eventually you have to knock them down

    • So true

  • im suprised yall can do this, nice job!

  • That's amazing is the best they don't make big deal if they make a hard trick all the kids are gifted with great talent there is just something about Matthew that inspires me that he says"Yeah no way I did" and Tommy I mean Robin hood and boomerang dart trick shot that's literally amazing Colin and Owen the little Buds are like amazing compared to thier age now Isabel just tries her best but still is a bet underrated she helps Colin but despite all that she doesn't give up. Uhhh Maggie is good at trick shots and I guess she is just great but yet to be a better trick shooter I guess at this point she is the best prankster of that's amazing..........

    • people say Maggie and Isabel aren't very good they are they just aren't compared to their siblings

  • thats amazing I'm and my friend did 100 caps but not in a row and we did 400 normal bottle flips so we did 500 flips in 3 days and one day my friend did a cap on cap we are the best in my school

  • 4:28 cap on a dice Stack two the next level

  • These guys inspired my and my freinds to start bottle flipping😇😇😇

  • I love you guys you’re so good at trick shots

  • I also make bottle-flip videos. And it really needs a lot of hard work and time. These are like inspirations in bottle flips. Respect bro!

  • Tommy's the king of trick shots

  • Matthew 2016 '' one hundred bottle flips in a row " Tommy 2020. Hold my beer

  • That's amazing is the channel that proofs anything is possible

  • 4:58 INSANE Ending

  • Your so good at trick shots you know everything is possible

  • How many times did Tommy try on 3000 bottle flips in a row

  • This deserves 2 million likes! Gets 250k

    • I deserves 3 million because the cap on dice stack on a bottle is there best bottle flip in there opinion

    • It deserves 2 million likes though

  • The Best Trick Shot Video I Have Ever Seen 100%

  • This video is amazing you should make a 7.

  • How long did it take you to make the double stack?

  • 我覺得那個籃球框真的有點太誇張了太強了

  • His hype when he landed the 3000th flip

  • at the 3000 bottle flip i laugh at tommy when he said lets go!! lets go!!

  • That’s amazing you are a very good youtuber you should keep going :D

  • Why do you guys act so calm when you land the most insane flips

  • I bet we can all clearly see why their name is That's amazing!

  • That’s amazing be like “YES I DID IT I JUST DID IT”😱😱😱😱

  • This deserves more attention!!!

  • 0:17 dude perfect reaction lol Also I SANE flip!!!

  • I remember seeing 4:15 on Facebook. Mind blown I had to find out who this was.

  • Anyone know when water bottle trick shots 7 will come out?

  • This inspired me to do trick shots

  • 4 MILLION SUBS CONGRATS I landed the hardest bottle flip yesterday

  • we need a part 7

  • I never get bored because you guys keep it up

  • This is my favorite video you’ve ever made

  • You make the best trick shots. You are awesome!

  • I have two questions when are you going to make water bottle flip trick shots 7 and the second question is what bottle do you use for the cap for the cap on cap

  • Part 7!!! Who's waiting

  • “If it can stand, it can land.”

    • @Rose M yeah I know I know

    • @Banana well, i guess your right, there are some stuff that can stand but can't land. But he didn't literally mean everything, he was more saying that it seems like that's true to That's Amazing

    • @Rose M do you know the term “science”. If not pls learn it.

    • @Rose M use your brain

    • @Banana what can stand, but can't land?

  • That’s amazing can you make a water bottle flip trick shot seven yes or no?

    • yes

    • your right

    • i tried to do it and just trying told me how good these guys are

  • When Matthew Did The Hard Flip Tommy Screamed

  • I love how he made 3000 bottle flips in a row and he yells and i also yell

    • Yes because he did on the cap after 2999 in a row

  • That window one was INSANE

  • This is amazing idk how they do this

  • We need a part 7

  • He almost got a Yahtzee on the first trick shot🎲❌

  • That's amazing is the best ILaward channel ever

  • insane bro... you're as good as dream lol

  • I like rule the world you’re so good at bottle flips!!!!

  • I want Colin to make the hardest one

  • How you guys making this? it took me 3 trys for a single flip😂

  • Wow your so good at this but I can do a cap flip but the last one is the other landing on another

  • I can’t believe you did 3,000 in a row Tommy

  • No one: Me: rewatches all that’s amazings bottle flip videos

    • Me too

    • You're not the only one

  • That was so amazing

  • Matthew do that triple cap on cap that was so good really I'm so impreesed

  • The Egyptians made the Pyramids, The Greeks made Democracy, The Romans made Plumbing and Sanitation, This kid uses his time to throw a water bottle. Amazing. Bra Va.

  • Cant believe on my eyes 😀😀.. still i m amazed and having doubt on my eyes 😀😀 , i could believe that there are ghosts but couldnt believe how they r doing it 😀

  • What is the water bottle you used for cap on caps?

  • I've got 5 4 and 3 and 2 and 1 bottle flips in a row!

  • Love That's amazing videos

  • Make a water bottle trick shot 7!! Can’t wait for it!! :) Are you planning on it soon?

    • @Younakeplan no

    • Lol they make water bottle trickshots every year

  • 1:41 That’s so hard to do It has to be 95% hard 5% chance it will do it

  • Tommy,s the best at bottle flips

  • waiting for water bottle flips 7 its gonna be epic

  • 2:00 notice that he flipped more than once👁👁

  • I cant wait for part 7

  • can't wait for the water bottle flip trick shots 7

    • They said this is going to be the best one yet


    • @Charlie’s Crazy Dayz that won’t happen until their sons do it.

    • They can upper it to a four stack bottle flip

    • We’ve been like waiting for a year

    • Yes I have been waiting for a long time for it

    • Yeah!