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Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 5 is here! This might be the best of the Water Bottle flip Trick Shot Series! Which bottle flip is your favorite?
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We recently hit 1 million subscribers, so we are giving you what we know you want: water bottle flips! Yes, we know what year this is, but why would we let that stop us from making an amazing video for our subscribers to enjoy?

In this video, you will see Matthew make a straight-up triple tower shot never seen before! See Colin make a cap-on-cap, made famous by our Water Bottle Flips 2. Tommy scores an incredible two-handed double double tower shot!! We also flip with Bango the Buck of the Milwaukee Bucks. How about ping pong with water bottle flips? And of course, Tommy makes 2500 in a row!! If you want to see how difficult a cap on dice-stacking is, give it a try!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more!

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  • I have been watching since you started making trick shot videos, and you guys have always made only better content. I'll always be subscribed :)

  • The inventor of water bottles must feel so accomplished… I’ve been watching you for around 3 years and am never disappointed!

  • The fact that Colin can do a cap on cap when he’s six is insane

  • This is awesome bro 👍 Quality content

  • These guys are the next dude perfect!

  • I’ve been watching you since may and I am already so impressed this is so insane

  • These guys are litrealltly the bottle flip version of dude perfect

  • How did you know this technique? Great Job !

  • 98 tries? Love this channel!

  • it was cool when the first one colin made 3 double flips in a row.

  • That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen guys

  • Its complete madness but pure talent as well man i literally watch all your vids your my 2nd fav bottle flipper after Dude Perfect keep the amazing work man u hv earned a new subscriber and a new liker also bless u and your talent for the future as well byeee.😎😎🙏🏻

  • I love your channel guys keep up the good work!


    • No no its a prank

  • That's Amazing are the best bottle flipper in the world. Keep it up guyz !!

  • You all are amazing at what you do and your videos and trick shots are AWSOME.

  • Literally every single time he made a shot it was literally a split second for you to realize that you did it you are amazing love your vid‘s

  • it probably took a lot to do the start i mean ive been watching long for like 3 years on an older account so i would guess its 3400 tries im guessing based on how much it would probably take me though you guys are talented unlike me.

  • You are the best, I love your videos, keep it up like this. I follow you from Spain.👍👍👋😎

  • Its Totally AMAZING How Kids Do An BottleFlip! :D

    • ya I honestly don't understand it is just pure madness

  • I have been watching you for 2 years and you impressed me and I like them

  • This makes dude perfect look easy

  • Your so good I keep on asking my dad to get me those bottles

  • When they have a kid: *he flipped his first bottle at 3 months…*

  • Coming back to this blows my mind, you guys keep growing in life and in skill, just amazing 🤩

    • No it’s that’s amazing

  • That cap bottle flip on the dice must have taken 5783 attempts

  • I've been doing bottle flips since about the time you started but I've always only use the cheapest bottle and I was wondering what bottles you use


  • Imagine how many scuff marks are on his tables lol

    • @cuz bacon exactly

    • they did a video about that

  • Colin just casually landed 3 double flips in a row...

  • You should make That’s Amazing t-shirts with ‘OH MY GOODNESS’ on them 🤣

  • I love your videos they make me want to try but I’m not even close! HaHa

  • I would guess the cap on dice stack took about 7000 attempts

    • @gaming-bxll-playz He claimed it took 10 hours, so I counted how long it would take. This trickshot takes about 5 seconds if successful and I then divided 36000 (10 hours in seconds) with 5, getting 7200, but I assumed some of the time was raging and stuff like that.

    • I don’t think I was THAT hard

  • You guys have been my favorite channel for 2 years

  • I have not been watching your vids for too long but I'm already addicted to The vids

  • Them: doing all this Me: can’t do a regular bottle flip

  • That's sco cool hope I can practice to become like you guys

  • I’ve watched your videos for now three or four years they are so cool

  • That's really cool I want to do that

  • You should make That’s Amazing t-shirts

  • Wow that's sick guys probably taking you a while to landed the hard bottle flips

  • It took 10 hours from the cap flip on dice stack.

  • I'm guessing the cap on dice stack took 1876 tries

  • I'm not accusing of copyright infringement because everyone does this I just wanna say that this is like a crossover of a Dude Perfect and How Ridiculous video

  • Please upload part 7. I can't wait to see the new triple tower, if there is one.

  • 1:05 is Just amazing!

  • you guys should go against dude perfect in a trick shot challenge to see whos better

  • They so good at bottle flipping, that they were born bottle flipping

  • Nice job, I do trick shots too!

  • Wow looking back this is amazing! :)

  • 0:35 I love how Colin just knocks that bottle off 🤣

    • That’s amazing

    • Yes

    • Yeah I love that part two it’s so funny but it’s awesome

    • @Saengdao Carter Yep, there too :)

    • 3:03

  • I have watched you ever since you started!

  • i literally screamed when this video came out lol

  • Either you have the T virus or you have a million years at your disposal. If neither, then you are just born with psychic powers my guy. Total legend.

  • He did cap flips more than i do than a normal flip

  • You earned a new subscriber.

  • the triple tower can’t even stand up

  • Dude Perfect but talented kids.

  • My favourite part- I did it triple tower oh my goodness I just did it

  • When will water bottle flip trick shots 7 be coming out?

  • I’ve been watching you guys for 4 years and your still an inspiration to me

  • U guys are the best I play bottle flip at home OMG

  • How long did it take to land 1000 bottle flips in a row in the last Water Bottle Flip Trickshots video?

  • His reactions are so delayed though 😂😭

  • Y’all are awesome so you deserve the subscribers

  • did the dice stack bottle flip trick take 125 tries? ps: you earned a new sub

  • That was so cool I was just like WOW

  • My brother only 2 years old but can do cap flip That's Amazing

  • I’m dice stack and cap flip took 48 tries

  • I think the cap on the dice stack took like 3497 tries

  • your bottle flips are so awsome

  • This is like a younger version of @dudeperfect

  • im expert to in bottle flip and im a huge fan and u guys are my idol😁☺️😀

  • Nice job, I do that to except for the bottle towers.

  • Mathew, I think you took around 1500 tries, well maybe idk, but that’s my guess…

  • You guys are amazing.. more power....

  • how do you keep the base of the bottles you flip being completely destroyed

  • That's Amazing my favorite ytb !!😊

  • I have only been watching you guys for 2 months but you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's amazing is sooo cool

  • I think it took Matthew 12 hours 37 minutes and 48 seconds to make that trick shot

  • That was really amazing how could you do that

  • The tower was so good like i couldn't Get it in 24 hours

  • 3:20 He rolled the clip to the right over and over just look at his mouth

  • How do you guys get the bottles from those high places

  • Now That’s Amazing

  • Those little kids are amazing!

  • 120 tries? You guys are AMAZING and can I have a shout out?



  • Mathew must have taken 100 tries to do that

  • I think it took like 17 hours to do that bottle flip

  • Matthew you probably do the cap on a dice stack for like 7 hours I think

  • The bottle on the dice i think it took 10-15

  • Owen brought out the DUDE PERFECT BOW

  • Great video that’s amazing!!

  • How does everyone good at bottle flipping? 💧💧

  • This is hurting our brain, I been watching this for 8 years now.

  • The cap on cap was amazing

  • The cap on cap was amazing