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Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 4 is out! Is this better than Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots 2? What's your favorite water bottle flip in the video? Comment below!

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Yes, this is the video seen in the Subway commercial!


We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more!

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  • Most legendary bottle flip video of all time literally has so many creative shots and inspired bottle flippers forever

  • These are insane, you are all so talented especially the little ones, I hope you get a world record some day!

    • @☁︎•PinkSwan•☁︎ They also did a world record bottle flipping video

    • @Rose M I’m just kidding

    • I’m just kidding

    • @M. Mathew hide I hope you get on the lights and and I like you can you guys a party so I guess that that you’re friends with her to a double flip and get 100 likes to become a damn gonna be me and you’re gonna win 100 likes right now and when I hundred billion likes it so get out of the hundred hundred billion likes get 100 hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred likes and get $1 billion in life get 100,000 You’re the coolest coolest thousand thousand thousand porch of this bottle flipping channels thousand scribers we can get a dog a really ILawardrs hallway coolest just to get a dozen billion likes right now so I support you guys in the quiz a see you later next week and you guys are the better I will see your videos and I like them all the time you’re the coolest you’re the coolest Matthew and Aaron and Colin Allen Maggie Matthew Cool school school school school cool cool cool cool cool cool fans in the world I hope you get 1000 million thousand million likes because famous but if you need it I hope you’re good couple I love you guys bye-bye love you so much bye love you too by bye by bye by bye by bye by bye you guys are the coolest coolest coolest ILaward cool ILawardrs bye

    • @M. Mathew Kevin. ullo9 I subscribe to your channel and I am Kevin and you should get 100 likes or 1 billion likes 1 billion nights You are the coolest ILawardrs I want to go to your house you guys are the coolest ILawardrs and thank you for everything and I support you you could get 100 billion likes Bye-bye I hope you get 100 likes

  • SHEESH My life flashed before my eyes on that bottle flip on bottle flip and two cap on caps in a row! I have tried BOTH those trick shots for my ILaward channel for water bottle flip trick shots 3 and yet can NEVER get them! Good work!

  • I know I’m a few years late but when he did the bottle flip on bottle flip and said it deserves 1million likes, he got what he wanted (:

  • I have done a cap on cap and a bottom on bottom but I can’t imagine how hard the tower you did was

    • Its actually not that hard if you have the right bottles

  • That tower shot almost made me say "That's Amazing"

  • 0:55 MrBeast and Chris said “He will be legendary like the song says” There self confidence probably went so much higher when he found that out

    • @Cha#### I watched the MrBeast video a while ago then I just watched this video and remembered

    • did you come from mrbeast or watch both of them and saw the video and came here

  • me watching owen make that shot noticing that im 10 years older then him and still cant do that

  • “That deserves 1 million likes!” You did it tommy

    • @Weather Lightning h l-a@s

    • @Weather Lightning n uuu777uuu

    • Mo

    • He can probably do this in 5 mins now

    • 1 million likes

  • I love when Owen lands the bottle flip and says let’s go!

  • I’m trying to do 8 bottle flips in a row. It’s a bit hard for me. The amazing trick shot videos shall continue!!

    • I did 7 cap flips

    • Give him showtouts!!!

    • @pagasonic I did 54

    • @Wail cool 54 normal 5 normal caps 106 mini 8 mini caps

    • @Mekai South thanks

  • these trickshots are amazing! Please keep up making awesome trickshots for ppl to see!

  • Tommy: 'THAT DESERVES 1MILLION LIKES!' Everyone: 'well...'

  • 2:40 the thing I am most amazed about here is that the bottle was slightly tilted

  • You have a EPIC talent, that's amazing! You are so cool!

  • 2:42 I don't know how you can only be 2 and do a trickshot like that That might be one of Owen's best trickshots!

  • Me sitting here thinking how it’s hard for me to hit a cap and a little kid gets 5 in a row, wow, what a legend

  • That part where you all hit a cap bottle flip was E P I C

  • Dude perfect really needs to do a collab with these guys

    • this channel is ' *heavily inspired* ' by dude perfect

  • Four words: This video is legendary!


    • This are 5 words

    • Two words:this is Legendary!

    • @Flip Inchae Lol

    • That’s six words lol

  • God level : Do flips with empty bottle (O_O)

    • I tried that before

    • Yeah, it's nearly impossible because it bounces so much

    • @Tiletastic 926 it's very difficult, because of the stability. It bounces back and loses the control.

    • Empty bottle flips have been done but on a notebook or magazine I did some in my video water bottle flip trick shots 2

  • Matthew 2016 '' one hundred bottle flips in a row " Tommy 2017. Hold my beer

  • Owen does one bottle flip and feels like the king of the world and I can do 50 in a row and I feel disappointment

  • 1:15 how did he land that!?!?

  • I laugh when owen puts down the bottles when Matthew lands them and Matthew tries to stop him.

  • Colin: let’s hit 100 likes Reality: 1million

  • He definitely got that 100 likes he wanted lol

  • Wow you guys are amazing especially Owen and Colin I mean what can I say you’re that’s amazing!

  • Congratulations on the DESERVED 1 million likes

  • These would be really cool if they were in the dude perfect copy

  • “YESSS I DID IT” that’s so cool when you do it ❤️ good job nice work

  • “Let’s smash 100 likes for Colin!” Literally three years later: has 1m likes

  • “Let’s smash *100* likes for Colin” ILaward: Nah, **gives 1M likes**

    • Ok everyone does that kid so just SHUT UP

  • This gave me nostalgia I didn’t know I had

  • He did it in 29 rows and I take more than 29 to practice 😂😂😂😂

  • me watching this video 4 years later and tommy at 3000 in a row

  • It’s so cool when you do bottle flip trick shots

  • That So Insane!! You need like... 10M Likes!! Your Awsome!

  • I love this video. Keep up the good work That's amazing

  • I also make bottle flip videos. And it really needs a lot of hard work and time. These are like inspirations in bottle flips. Respect bro!

  • I love Owen and Colin trick shots when they dice stack they enspire me to try to dice stack. I love owens confidence. I’ll Colin amazing and THATS AMAZAING THEIR INANE

  • Few years late... but for the 2 in a row cap on cap shot I think you landed 56 singulars before 2

  • 6:40 5 years later finally done.

  • These videos are insane, whenever someone lands a trickshot Owen comes and destroys it

  • The cap flip is harder than the normal flip

    • Yeah I agree

    • Not trying to be rude, but that's kind of obvious

  • These get more insane as time go on.

  • So funny to see Owen and Colin Wrestle !

  • "100 likes", well, it's safe to say we did it

  • That was like the perfect most satisfying tower to land it was too clean

  • Im gonna guess you got the first cap on cap 58 times before you got 2 in a row!

  • when Colin knocked down the 2 cap on cap's it was so funny

  • that deserves 1M Likes! you did it tommy

  • 6:38 dont think he actually expected it to get 1 million likes

  • These guys are the new dude perfect

  • The last shot was my favorite and i think that u got 39 cap on caps before getting 2 in a row

  • 17 times for you got one and not the other, Keep up the trick shots their amazing

  • 3:55 owen's reaction is so cute :)

    • IKR. so cute just like this kitty face!🐱. P.S. If you don't know how to use emojis on your mac it's control command and shift all at the same time😊

  • Mathew I think the first cap on cap with out landing 2 in a row took you 750 Tries

  • The best shot was when Tommy landed the bottle flip and another on top

  • I love your vids and every time I bottle flip my dad yells at me😅

  • The 30 caps in a row was insanely crazy

  • This video is amazing, i have seen this video like 5 times!👍

  • collin: I'm very good at bottle flipping!! owen: no, I'm better! "ametures" both: what was that, punk? tommy: ametures.

  • just imagine if it fell on that 1000th flip !! Omg

  • They live in Wisnconsin. That bottle would have to go through 4 Great Lakes down stream to Atlantic Ocean, then someone go against the Gulf Stream down around to Florida, up stream rivers just to get to Dallas

    • Or in the great lakes into the canal to the Mississippi river and come out in Louisiana and go to dallas

    • In a way that’s the best and longest trick shots they’ve ever done😂

  • My favorite shot is when tommy landed a cap flip on the backboard.

  • Tommy good job landing 1000 bottle flips in a row I will try getting 1000 in a row

  • 6:39 wise boy was right

  • Those are insane how do you do that.

  • I love Owen and his bottle flips

  • Dude perfect should hire you guys amazing

  • 169 times without getting the second one

  • Well it’s safe to say we met your goal tommy

  • I watched this hole 4 episodes and they are legendary

  • This is my favorite video and song so far. Keep up the good work!👍🏽☑️

  • That’s crazy even the little ones are gifted

  • I Think that Matthew scored 23 cap on caps whithout getting two in a row

  • 5:32 that was kind of rude Tommy, you could have let Colin keep being excited about his 50 for a while. But now, just as he gets 50 "This is 1,000 bottle flips in a row" 🤣

  • 4:48 “this is what we came for” Me: 6:30 “ no this is what we came for”

  • The easiest tower of bottle flips is the bottle flip tower they did in this video

  • 2:28 Best Colin Shot of 2017

  • that is indeed amazing

  • What water bottle brands are the best for bottle flips That's Amazing?

  • I get you man I’m late too.But he got 4 cap on caps without getting 2

  • That was amazing

  • 6:39 dream come true

  • I can finally answers questions so I guess that it took 4,378 tries

  • Who else feel sorry for Mathew because every time he does an amazing trick shot it gets knocked down

  • You reached your goal of 1M likes for this video!

  • Tommy: 29 Matthew: are you lying? Tommy: No Me: 🤣

    • I thought matthew said something else

  • my dad gets angry when i just drop a bottle on the floor becuase of the marks so i wonder what he would have done if these kids were in the house

  • Mad respect for caring about oceans

  • My favourite that’s amazing video Why didn’t I comment 4 years ago? Keep up !

  • That's Amazing!

  • I miss the nice days where if you could cap a water bottle, you would be cool….

  • I liked the part where colin did Double cap flip

  • 6:39 congratulations you’ve done it

  • 1500 tries before Mathew landed it


  • The power always be the one who never give up,how that amazing be, how the power is stronger!!!!