TRICK SHOTS from Level 1 To Level 100

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As the Levels Get HIGHER, the Trick Shots get HARDER!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • Me and my friends try to do this sometimes but we always fail. You guys are legendary!

  • The fact that I watch y'all more than dude perfect now is crazy. Y'all do amazing trick shots. And DP hasn't done trick shots in forever

  • So glad to see someone become what Dude Perfect used to be, I really miss the times where they would just do trickshots and not have a sponsor every 5 seconds

    • yeah, they started wasting more and more money and went from a group of friends to a company and they need profits

  • This was the first video I ever watched on your channel and I have watched it so many more times since then. I will never get over how amazing these trick shots are. You guys are legendary!

  • I always love coming back and watching the classics 👌🏼

  • The holes on the cardboard on level 95 show the amount of tries,respect man!

    • It’s not just those holes. You gotta count the dents on the boomerang that blocked the dart from reaching that board too.

    • Don’t spoil it


    • Wow must of been hard, this guy has major respect from me

    • Its the boomerang dart shot

  • Can we appreciate how much effort they put into these just for us! Thank you!

  • The thing I like about them mostly is that they do all this with spending less money and adjusting ❤️❤️ These kids parents will be proud of them👏👏

    • Yeah that’s why that’s amazing better than dude perfect

  • GREAT job level 75 through 100 seemed extremely difficult I could never do this even if I had 2 years

  • You've got to appreciate how long this must've took for this five minute video.

    • @Bedwars pro what about Estimated money?

    • Estimated length:5 minutes video Estimated time needed:2 months Estimated income:1 million likes

  • These are great!! Very inventive and well done on the editing!

  • Your talent + skills +physics behind these experiments were worked 👍

  • The most legendary video ever! It literally started a new trick shot era! Amazing! Btw glad comments are back!

  • You can see at 3:47 there are so many holes where the dart went which means it took them so many tries, that’s dedication there!

  • 3:46 look how many attempts before they got the perfect shot.

  • The man who has done this all knows the effort he has made to be perfect 😊👍👍

  • you guys rocked all of dude perfect's videos, great job!!!

  • The fact that they make the most impossible odds become possible is insane 🤯

  • My man breaking the laws of physics beating these odds! Great job!

  • We never thought that this would be a trick shot trend 🔥

  • I am working on my own level 1 to level 100! you guys are SOOOOOO inspiring!!!!!!!!

  • I can't believe you did the dart boomerang trick shot. I'm proud of you tommy.

  • That was very good. On the background at level 85 you can see colin shoot and Score. And on level 75 you can see 2 people with the that's amazing logo over their heads.

  • 3:48 number of holes in the cardboard shows the dedication

  • I love your guy’s videos you guys are amazing this has to be my third or fourth time watching this every single one of you are amazing keep up the good work

  • Me and my friends try to do this sometimes but we always fail. You guys are legendary.

  • That was amazing mad respect

  • Fun fact:Out of lvl 100 they did 21 trickshots

  • 3:48 number of holes in the cardboard shows the dedication power

    • it proably took them more peices of cardboard cause thats about 800 tries if they do 1 try every 8 secionbds then its about 1 hour and 44 minutes which is a lot however for a shot this hard I Would expect it to take them about 3-5 peices of cardboard

  • A perfect example of "Keep on trying and you'll achive what you worked for" .

  • Levels 1-20: easy to hard Levels 25-100: insane to impossible

    • @Victoria Mueller i could never come close to doing level 25 but i could do level 20 it would just be really hard

    • No it’s 1 - 25 easy to medium 45-100 hard to impossible

  • These guys have what Dude Perfect had👍

  • I would love to see raw footage of all of this

  • 3:35 i can tell you guys had 150 tries before you got this. Great perseverance my man!

  • Wow u can see how long they took to do the dart shot great vid guys

  • the same feeling when you can't even beat 1 level

  • I can’t believe you have been doing the level 1-100 series for a year now time flies.

  • Great effort and perseverance!

  • 3:47 when it zooms it the truth hurts see how many holes are in there probably around 2k tries, this is the truest dedication of hard work and never letting go

  • Fun video. Lot’s of trial & error I imagine. Great job!

  • This dude is the next age of dude perfect

  • 2:30 Even better that Colin made the basketball in the basket! Good job!

  • These dudes are the next dude perfect.

  • Is it just me that the fact that he made a boomerang shot with a dart through 3 holes I am so surprised 😮 I don’t know why I love when he does level 95

    • Pls pin my other message

  • Someone get these guys on dude perfect!

  • level 95 was crazy. it looked like it took over 400 tries because of the dots on the cardboard

  • Honestly, 100 looks easier than 95

  • These guys inspired me to do trick shots

  • This guy needs to be in dude perfect

  • Wouldn’t the boomerang dart shot be perfect timing

  • "Let's get to 100k likes." "Screw you, we going 1.4M likes."

  • Level 500 Respect for them for them for doing trick shots that might have taken a while to accomplish 😃👍👏or if they did it in one shot level 1000 respect

  • bro, your videos are great, you are the leader of the class

  • Those guys deserve more support I wish they later will beat dude perfect

  • Honestly Level 40 is really easy. Still cool, though

  • For some reason I am really good at doing level 50, somebody takes a shot and I hit their ball away with my ball so I can make mine like 50% of the time

  • Level 90…. for a second I thought it was him getting the boomerang down from the roof with the frisbee.

  • 3:48 “honestly this deserves, lets go for 100K likes” nah bro, let’s go! A million!

    • @Bacon45 agreed

    • or a trillion:)

    • @Henio wtf?

    • @Bacon45 good

    • @Henio I’m having a stroke trying to understand what you are saying

  • You guys are so cool and amazing!

  • This man is the new dude perfect

  • Me attempts one trick shot fails once Also me: this is impossible

  • You guys are to good omg i hope you get thousands this takes time and effort!!

  • This is one of your most legendary videos ever.

  • I would say you 100% never give up, keep trying , and hope😍you guys deserve a lot of respect. Also i am trying to copy your trick shots.

  • Me and my freinds: * level 30 is level 100 * That’s amazing * has to do stuff that is near impossible THATS AMAZING YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING

  • You got it. This video was amazing!

  • love how some trick shots they don’t even celebrate cause it probably took like 100 shots

    • The ones they didn't celebrate on are trees ones that didn't take 100 shots

  • I try bottle flipping but it’s to hard you guys are legendary

  • This is one of the most legendary and best video ever!!!

  • This guy owns real life hacks ! 😂😂

  • probably if the fan was spinning very very fast it would look harder then the boomerang shot

  • The most impressive was level 95

  • Level 70 in insane so much appreciation here

  • I wonder if they calculated how to do that last one or just weeks of trial and error

  • 1:07 and you've earned my sub 🤘🏼.

  • So glad to see the comments return on one of my favorite trick shot videos ever!

  • “So, how many tries did it take you to make this entire video” *Yes* and you prob saw the holes in the cardboard in level 95 right?

  • Awesome! How many tricks do you guys complete and the camera misses it???

  • I love how he said “let’s get 100000 likes” and now it has 1.4 million

  • Me: feels good about opening a water bottle

  • I can understand how many takes you had taken for this one perfect piece.

  • U need to make more!!! Well it makes me feel like nothing isn't impossible

  • that's amazing 🤩

  • The odds of level 95 are one in a billion you beat the odds by miles well done 👍

  • Question: How long does it take to make all of those trick shots in one video?

  • Bruh this is iconic I remember the day this came out I watched it probably 20 times. I’ve almost memorized the levels 😂

    • I have all ONE HUNDRED levels memorized of best trick shots 2020

    • Yea

    • I remember every level from the first level 1 to 100 video impossible odds balloon popping 1 to 100 targets get smaller and the new video perfect timing

    • Same

    • Same

  • We always try to make your videos but I always fail You guys are legendary

  • Lets just appreciate how this broke the internet

  • At level 95 when Tommy fell to the ground it was kinda funny

  • “So i’m going to try to get the Wolfle ball through two holes on the stick.” God: “Your choice has been approved, you’re welcome.”

  • This video was the start of a new wave of trickshots!!!! Great video!!!!

  • Thinking and designing about 100 levels itself is a tough task. They designed and executed perfectly.

  • When they came to level 100 I was like OH MY GOD WHATS THIS.

  • My guy asked for 100k likes, ended up getting a million+. Fully deserved.

  • That was incredible

  • this is just crazy i can't even get a ball in the basketball hoop😂

  • love your content you guys are better and awesome keep it up

  • These guys 1-up Dude Perfect. I swear to god.

  • These guys do so many cool trick shots with such limited things

  • 3:34 look at their reaction xD