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You gotta see these School Trick Shots!! Give it a like and share with classmate! (Comments are disabled so please "Like"!) More Videos Here►
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Which shot is the best? The lunch box throw? Paper into stapler? Marker flip? Tissue toss and catch? Frisbee into backpack? Graduation cap toss? Water bottle flip? Pencil into sharpener?

Whose school keeps attendance by cell phones? If so, impress your friends with a toss like this.

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • The videos are ridiculous but so entertaining! I think this is a really original idea for a ILaward channel and executed really well. Adults would never have the patience to get these shots.

  • Congratulations Tommy have a good time in college or high school whatever you’re going into but have a good time make sure you do in those ILaward videos thank you

  • Owen was just grown up being good at trick shots. He is the coolest kid in his class.

    • @Bobs Bob shut up stop being mean kid.

    • Your right

    • Huh bruh

    • Play destiny 2

    • Hey why you have a naruto pic the animes trash bruh

  • One of the best shots I’ve ever seen. 🤩🤯

  • Imagine how useful this would be in actual school

  • The trick shots can help us when we are lazy. XD

  • Imagine doing these trick shots at school for real

  • 2:01 love it when we do that to the 'remaining' paper.


  • It's like watching the Malcolm In The Middle kids have their own ILaward channel! You guys are awesome!!

  • imagine if you could do nail all of these when youre actually at school

  • Love the music also how do you do all these stunts like is it so amazing

    • Aim and retrues

  • I used to want to be just like you guys having a ILaward channel, doing bottle flips, and all sorts of other trick shots.

  • This was my regular video and I would watch it everyday when I’m bored 😀

  • Those trick shots were AWESOME

  • I wish I could do this. I could impress all my friends

    • you’ll get it some day i’ll never bother

    • So treine muito como eu

  • On the outside: Maintains composure and continues task despite just making a shot On the inside: I DID IT, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Just imagine doing this everyday

  • I’m so lucky I could watch this. I thought my battery would run out. It has been 10% form the last 1 hour. 😄

  • Hope to see more this type of vid

  • Woah, did these guys enable comments today? This video is addicting I couldn’t stop watching this because you guys put so much work and effort.

  • 2:18 was amazing

  • Tommy's face is so funny 1:50

  • That's amazing!!!

  • wow i never thought Tommy could drive

  • You like are too talented too ridiculous and it's just so nice to see you just School Trick shots is always like that at every school every school I've tried to do it but my teacher said no

  • 2:25 Hey I did that trickshot on first try in my school

  • 1:51 | Tommy's Face when Colin throws the paintbrush and lands.

  • Fun fact: They advertised SONY camera... 😂

  • Tommy's face at 1:52 though

  • That is really cool how you got to do all that stuff

  • this is cool i can never do this congratulations for the 4 Million subscribers

  • They litteraly asked there teacher like "hey teacher can i borrow the whole school until monday"

  • 0:44, we're just gonna pretend that the tissue was half way in the box

  • When Tommy was reading Beowulf in Spanish test xD

  • Doing trickshots on Tommy’s graduation 😂😂😂😂

  • I think you guys are amazing I even dreamed about you just continue this and don't stop

    • I love this video. I would like to do it myself

  • Imagine doing this during school

  • When he flips the water bottle into the fill up thing that would be a good for you if your in the back of the line when the person at the front is just leaving you flip it into the tap and then you don’t have to wait in line because your drink bottle was there fist.

  • This makes it ok that dude perfect hasn’t done school stereotypes

    • @Heidi Lynn ik but I stumbled upon a small trick shot channel and I think they are better than that's amazing they are called 2cool4school

    • Dude perfect is pretty cool but…that’s amazing is kinda better

  • I’m really surprised that they did some amazing things that they did really good and nice and I and it exploded my brain oh my goodness

  • every public schooler's dream lol

  • I wish every school day was like this

  • You: flips a pencil in class Students: all look at you Teacher: GO TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE AND EXPLAIN!! YOU: I'm filming a video for content Principal:😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • imagine doing that in public

  • the teacher: you have to respet the material the studients:

  • You guys are too talented

  • Now that’s amazing

  • He is great at making trick shots

  • Congratulations Tommy! Class of 2o19!

  • Soooo phenomenal man!

  • If only life was this easy

  • 1:49 dude his face 🤣

  • That the small kid is so good at this. He is going to be the coolest One in his class

  • The songs he puts in are perfect for the video.

  • I watch your videos so much that like I cannot stop watching especially this one

  • Congrats on graduation I’m currently in 9th grade so 3 years to go

  • some of them are actually useful

  • That’s incredible

  • I love that’s Amazing It’s my favorite video

  • They were born to be good at trick shots lol

  • Video Idea: Remake Dude Prefects Shots cause you guys are the next Dude prefect you guys will grow up the next genaration

  • thats friggen amazing!

  • You: doing trickshots Me: putting things away normally

  • Lol I see the Xavier shirt, our soccer team just played them earlier this season

  • You guys do the coolest trick shots in the world

  • The way his lunchbox just fell like *ITS SO SMOOTH*

  • Congratulations Tommy Class of 2019!!!

  • We are just kids and we made this I did a double cap flip 2 times in a row !!

  • You guys are probably the coolest people in your class🤣🤣

  • That’s amazing are legends

  • All of the trick shots are easy To me now practicing 3 years on all

  • coolest kids in the school😎

  • Imagine if they are at your school doing trick shots

  • That’s me when I’m in school

  • That’s amazing

  • I love your videos that’s amazing

  • I love your vids i like that’s amazing alot

  • Make more tuings like this dude.

  • if you didnt know thats amazing thats amazing :)

  • Tommy's face in the back when Colin was making the art room shot lol

    • It just shows how amazing thats amazing is

    • I know I laughed so hard

    • Yup

  • I love these videos and you guys

  • all you guys are the jr dude perfect !!

  • If you could do these at school it would save so much time


  • I miss 2019.

  • This was insane oh my gosh and I love the idea

  • 1:52 i just love how Tommy’s face is like😦

  • Alt title: How to be cool in school

  • When your too lazy and too skilled

  • 0:54, if thats not the first try,

  • they are like dude perfect 2.0

  • That’s Amazing

  • Y'all's so good I does do that in school

  • 3:22 Xavier 😂👌🔥

  • This was your best video ever!

  • If only they show what's behind the scenes

  • They are talented

    • Вы представьте себе сколько они это снимали

    • They really are

    • Really talented like really talented

    • That's why there are that's amazing

    • @DoodleNoodleSisterok

  • Best ILawardr lose trichshots❤️🔥

  • 와 나도 이렇게 멋진거 하고싶다