PERFECT TIMING From Level 1 to Level 100

פורסם בתאריך 8 אוג 2021
As the Levels Get HIGHER, the Perfect Timing Trick Shots Get HARDER!

Song: Making Of A Legend
Artist: The Phantoms

Huge thanks to the Marquette Annex for allowing us to use their bowling alley!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • Respect level 1000 ✊🏼

  • I don't think people get how hard it is to film these types of shots. The prep just to make sure the angles are right, the cameras are on, the battery has charge, and the memory card isn't full is enough to stress you out! Making all of these shots are nearly impossible, but thinking of them, and filming them is also "Amazing"

  • I love that you guys can show everyone the trick shots and I am so impressed Huge fan

  • Amazing, I don't wanna imagine how many times you had to try to get it

  • This is literally the best channel on the platform. I watch them all the time

  • The stuff you do makes me think you should have at least 17mill subs! And Lets Go Brandon!!

  • You guys are truly the best trick shotters. No questions asked.

    • Omg

    • Let's go infinite one of my favourite ILawardr

    • Wait I watch yo videos infinite you watch this guy too I never noticed

    • I agree

  • I love what your doing keep the good work up please ^^

  • 2 legends doing good for the community love both of u❤️

  • Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  • You guys are honestly legends I can’t believe you fit the frisbee through that little tiny hole and then on top of that made it in the basketball hoop

  • This is absolutely epic guys such good work !!

  • Love to know how many attempts on these... great stuff btw... 👏

  • Those were such good trick shots! Good job.

  • I can’t believe you that AMAZING at doing all those trick shots! THATS AMAZING!

  • Respect dude. Love your content. Adore and appreciate the effort you put into making these videos!🤩🤩

  • You guys are awesome! we can't wait for each new video!

  • I love how they react on this like it's their every day job

  • The amount of effort it takes to make this one video it's just can't be expressed in words.

  • you guys are insane keep up the hard work you guys are awsome god bless

  • I respect how they try to entertain gugs! Give them 11m because I love it

  • This is quality over quantity

  • Thank you for making this video I was having a horrible day and you made it better

  • This is incredible congratulations!

  • I respect it that’s dope great job guys

  • That was some pretty perfect timing

  • The GOAT trick shot vid. Next level boys, so good! 👏👏👏

  • Вау!!! Круто сделали) я думаю, не скоро смогут повторить все это другие люди)

  • I am subscribing directly to this channel after seeing these perfect timing 🤭😳

  • Mission passed🔥🔥best of luck for the next one

  • these are genuine. get my respect bro!

  • You can tell by their reaction that they did 500 takes and the sheer joy of finally making the shot really shows. Amazing tricks to be fair.

    • meanwhile the cameraman was there all the time like °-° when can i go home

    • either that or they are the luckiest people ever

    • I'm sure you meant 500 x1000 takes! Incredible dedication!

    • They post like once in a bluemoon too, U can really tell they spend time making these

  • Respect for amount of effort🤘🔥

  • Imagine how many attempts it have to take to make one trick and one hundred. OMG

  • You do so good tricks that looks like your editing

  • Your videos are top class. Even though I'm Vietnamese, I still love watching your videos. Thanks!!!

  • You are like dude perfect, but like on super monster steroids, each time i think, okay, it cant get any better then this, it just does wtf so so gooooood

    • This is better than dude perfect

    • Ok

    • Here before 1k likes

    • Yup

    • well looks like they just commented on this video

  • i would try a million times to do the perfect timing in level 5

  • so young, so genuine, so talented, so amazing 👍

  • Legend has it they made all the shots within 4 attempts.

  • y’all are absolute legends

  • This has to be the best video I have ever seen!!! Wow!!! Let’s Go!!!!!

  • Oh my goodness!!! THAT'S AMAZING!! I really like it!!!!

  • First video I have seen of yours and it definitely deserves a SUBSCRIBE!!! 🔥

  • Such a great job with the good work bro

  • You guys make awesome videos keep up the good work

  • These guys take trickshots to a whole new level. Kings of trickshots

    • 👈👈 MERRY CHRISTMAS ☃️☃️☃️☃️.......

    • @Mohammed Alhathal he doesn’t know

    • Yeah

    • These guys are fake

    • @Cheese Miser (2)

  • this guy is a legend respect

  • This absolutely deserves a subscription so here ya go

  • Y’all go subscribe to That’s Amazing after them all the time they did just to do these trick shots and how much love they put into this! Love you!❤️

  • Непредставляю, сколько времени было потрачено на все эти кадры. Молодцы пацаны!!!

  • Watching videos like this always makes me happy, not only because the trick shots are satisfying, but because I know the people making the video definitely spent so long retrying these shots again and again and I can only imagine the excitement and satisfaction when they succeed

    • I think they worked hard for this video, min a week

    • I know it’s insane love how they never give up! 🔥

  • amazing dude keep it up :)

  • Shocked brother. 😲 this is purely spectacular

  • Level 70 reminds me when we roll an hula hoop and we went through it while it’s rolling

  • Crazy props! I have never seen a ILaward video with no dislikes!

  • The amount of respect I have for THIS much effort...canNOT be put into words.

    • I can’t even think of half of my respect the last few I had ??????? Respect

    • HAKDG

    • 100% TRUE

    • Put numbers like 999999999999999999999999999

    • They were like: Attempt 1,424,338: 1.3 microseconds late. Attempt 1,424,339: 0.2 microseconds early. Attempt 1,424,340: 2.3 microseconds early. Attempt 1,424,341: 0.2 microseconds late.

  • Oi TA (That’s Amazing)! Bin watchin a few weeks and I have to say, u guys r the BEST!! U r all like dude perfect. Love u guys ❤️

  • Great editing skills! And the trick shots were amazing!!!!!!! You guys always satisfy me! In ur videos!

  • Impressive..i wanted to see every level lol

  • The real perfect timing is when you could solve a mathematic question in last minute

  • The amount of tries this must of took… Big respect man

    • Must have taken ..

  • 3:03 what an amazing view!

  • Massive respect ✊

  • This is perfect and amazing!😱🤯

  • “Storage full” is the last thing they want to see after doing the last shot.

  • huge respect for the guy who filmed them all with absolute patience.

  • Can’t do anything expect liking the video and subscribe your channel to show respect ✊ best video I ever watched on ILaward

  • this is so cool and amazing!

  • This is a gem ❤️

  • Level 90 was a double perfect timing

  • I can't imagine how many times you guys have tried to get that one perfect moment. Hats off for your efforts👏

  • How do you get the music to line up perfectly with the trick shots

  • love the song you and dude perfect do the best trick shots

  • Such hardworking guy I have never seen

  • Dude perfect vs That's amazing. Please make it happen!

  • I'm amazed that you guys have lots of time and patience to perfect each level! So satisfying to watch :)

  • Respeeeeeect!!!!! That was increedubleeee I tried level one and I couldn’t do it

  • Not easy bro's...... 🔥❤️

  • You are always AMAZING!

  • That swing one...OMG.

  • Lvl 1 is hard for me, can't imagine ever accomplishing lvl 100 in this life.. you guys absolutely slayed it!! 🔥

  • They gave the number to levels according to their retakes 🤣🤣😂😂

  • They make this look easy 😂

  • This is so good, it’s gold

  • Hats Off ❤️‍🔥💯

  • I'd love to see an attempt count in the bottom corner of each trickshot just to see the level of commitment it took to complete each shot. Great video great imagination for coming up with these shots!!

  • 0:49 Can we have behind the scenes for this shot? 😊

  • You guy's are amazing!

  • Thanks a lot guys...... Awesome video..... I remember the times when ILaward was about entertaining and/or useful vids like this one. Well done and Merry Christmas 🙂😎

  • Sour and bitter truth:me and 95 percent can't even do level 1...😅

  • I can’t imagine how many attempts everything took. You guys deserve more love.

  • i love your vids and when did you learn to do these tricks there like so good i wish i could like dothis like it’s to good and i like your chanle it’s good also how did the swings just went gone level 100 is the best

  • Love the shots! 🥰

  • One word: dedication

  • sometimes i feel like they decreased but i still couldn’t be able to do 1 of them

  • The amount of determination this takes, y’all are legends 🙌 The song is fitting for this

    • Haha

    • Cus they have 8 people who can think of them

    • They were like: Attempt 1,424,338: 1.3 microseconds late. Attempt 1,424,339: 0.2 microseconds early. Attempt 1,424,340: 2.3 microseconds early. Attempt 1,424,341: 0.2 microseconds late.

    • @That's Amazing how do u guys think of these types of trickshots

    • Thank you!

  • i’m telling you right now that when they see this they’re going to flip

  • You're great with trickshots

  • Me:*sees video and have a epic reaction so sends it to my smartest friend* My Smartest friend: *tries to calculate what happened in the video* Omg I can't get a perfect calculation.