Best Trick Shots 2020

פורסם בתאריך 12 ינו 2021
We combined 100 of our best trick shots of 2020 to make the ULTIMATE Level 1 - 100 video!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • 3:22 The balloon pops match with the electric guitar 0:31 Soccer all impacts match with drums 2:13 Right as he opens his mouth and says yes the song does aswell 4:58 The cup n' arrow catches the ball right as the song says ow or whatever he said 1:20 The balls going in the net matches the drum slams

    • 7:50 Ow at the time dart hits the board

    • Great perfect time though!

    • Even more perfect timing

    • @TheLukester 82DUDE yeah in the video without a song he said Yahtzee

  • You are insane. Great Job guys!

  • level 100 was absolutely crazy. What are the chances and how long must that of taken, you could see all the holes on the carboard. Awesome stuff. 👍

    • @Peso Amazing maybe once, if you get lucky, but not every time

    • @Peso Amazing no you can't not even the best dart thrower ever could

    • I wonder if we beat the like goal yet

    • I was thinking the same thing when i saw all those holes

  • That was really really good you did some amazing shots keep up the good work bud

  • By far some of the coolest stuff I've seen in a while. Dude perfect is pretty good, but you just took it to the next level...

  • SO INSANE AND MIND BLOWING!!! IM SPEECHLESS especially from level 49 and going up

  • Well done. Damn that took commitment 💪🏾

  • OMG! The synchronisation and chemistry of you two brothers is just amazing

  • He makes them look easy,keep up the great work man ! Just think how much he practiced for us! Oh well that’s all Colonel Edmond over and out

  • The first time I discovered your channel and I was watching with my grandfather. Sadly, he passed away last year in November. Wonderful memories came with these videos.

  • Wow that's crazy! How much u wanna bet that took a lot of practice for some of these awesome trick shots!

  • Bro this is called Perfection ❤️🔥

  • These guys have WAAAAY too much time on their hands, and TONS of patience and perseverance. Flipping UNBELIEVABLE stuff though.😱👍

  • Now that it’s 2022 may as well create a compilation of 2021. Never disappointing 😀

  • All are amazing but really want to know how many takes they took it to successfully done each level

  • U are the second level of dude perfect absolutely appreciated

  • One thing that is needed to do these trick shots is to not give up.....keep it up team

  • 7:59 this shows that how much he practiced

  • Every single one of these level 100! Congrats and I just subscribed!

  • Wow these are incredible!! All wonderfully unique xx

  • This channel is so perfect. Will I watch it every day

  • Can we just take a minute to appreciate the time, effort, patience and dedication it took the actually make all those insane shots! Impressive AF

    • ChristophH

    • @Frances Joyce christophH

    • Christoph

    • He's so amazing and I don't blame his channel is that's amazing

    • what af mean

  • That level 60 was the craziest thing I've ever seen dang

  • Amazing on so many levels. You guys never stop giving up! keep it up dudes

  • These guys make Dude Perfect look like amateurs! 😳

  • I love your videos that’s amazing team I wish I could do things that you guys could do

  • You guys are truly AMAZING!

  • This is the type of quality content you can’t find for a high price on TV

  • Can we alll apreciate how op this is!

  • It’s nice to see that people are doing trick shots again

  • The force is strong with these two

  • We shall appreciate how much time they spent on these tricks

  • This is so satisfying to watch keep up the hard work✌🏻✌🏻😎😄😜

  • Great job I’ve seen the videos that the shots are in and it’s impressive how good you’ve gotten over 2020

  • I am even more amazed off the things he makes up

  • It was the most craziest and coolest thing I've ever seen


  • dont think you guys realize how talented you are....cant wait to see where you guys go.

  • my mind got exploded by theses trick shots way to go thats amazing

  • Level 86 was so epic! The ball missed all the cups but there was another cup! and ball go into it!

  • man the effort they put in those trickshots.. really amazing

  • The trick shots look and are impressive, but a lot of dedication and hard work required.

  • Trickshots are just lifehacks and underrated, keep up the good work

  • They make it so smooth!!

  • Somebody get dude perfect on the phone he could help bring them to a whole new level

  • The 100 level cardboard holes shows how many times you tried it.. Insane🥵🥵


  • 5:19 not only did he make the shot, but in the background the small dude also makes the basketball shot.

  • That was epic and amazing!

  • I don't think they state this but they are a perfect example that you don't need a mansion or studio to be a pro trick shotter. An example of a trick shotter with a studio is Dude Perfect.

  • The things you guys were able to capture on camera is insane! Keep it up.

  • To be honest with you guys, its kinda mixed up but robin hood or the bommerang dart shot should either be 99 or 100. I did the dart tape throw somehow 7th or 6th try and a cap on cap not on carmera or infront of anyone. You guys are crazy! :D

  • I like how it says “Level 57” after he does the tricshot

  • Level 44 and 56 was insane for me

  • That is so insane how does he do this?!

  • So insane!

  • I love watching that's amazing videos 😍

  • Damn Bro your really good at this!

  • 2:17: all credits go to the squirrel.

  • The hardest one I did was level 43

  • The squirrel trick shot was so funny 🤣

  • You guys are just so good at those trick shots

  • I've actually done Level 36 many times before... That's why I'm never allowed to throw hoops.

  • We can see on the last level how many wholes there was on the cartboard lol 😂

  • I like how you don’t skip levels

  • I love how they timing it at the song

  • Dude Perfect must respect this chennel !!

  • Real cool video , thanks !! 👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂

  • Great job guys!! Absolutely INSANE tricks! I want to see a competition between you kids n dude perfect! Keep in mind everyone these are young kids, just imagine how good they'll be in another 5-10yrs!

  • Dude ,,,, Now That's Some Tallent !

  • I don’t think the boomerang dark one was as impressive as Robin Hooding a dart 🎯

  • Dude, your a legend

  • Like the channel name suggests, THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dude you guys are like DUDE PERFECT ON STEROIDS !! Wtf 😂😂 that was the coolest video i have ever watched

  • Imagining dude perfect and that’s amazing colas 🤯

  • When you need Someone to fix a Rubiks cube just go over to him and he’ll freaking pro shot it

  • I did level 88 and I did it on my first try🤭

  • Just imagine being in the same team in flunkyball game with these guys 🤯

    • Ikr

  • when I play tennis, level 38 happened to me a lot. BUT WOW

  • Random guy: I can cap flip with a full bottle Him: I can do 100 impossible trickshots

  • damn insane bro

  • 7:51 you can see how many times they tried

  • 3:13 the ping pong ball bounces matching the music was really satisfying!

  • It says 74 twice but still amazing shots 👏

  • When will we see these guys challenge dude perfect?

  • 1:19 Perfect timing

  • I loved this video! The only thing I have to say is please switch 57 with 54. Other than that great video

  • Wow man, their trick shots are amazing and incredible the truth is that they have a long time congratulations 👍

  • They got the most creative minds in trickshotting

  • That‘s amazing!

  • For the 100 leveled trick shot I think the Attempts were 1943 attempts

  • All trick shots were sooo awesome and insane


  • 7:47 look at Matthews face lol

  • I have a suggestion for you, I say you try to stand one card without any other card flipping it

  • The real legend is the camera man!

  • Just insane!

  • That golf one wasn't that hard for such a high level

  • 2:13 does anyone else realize that Matthew said "yes" the same time the song did?

  • The moment when we use physics in our daily life.