BALLOON POPPING from Level 1 to Level 100

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As the levels get HIGHER, the Balloon Popping Trick Shots get HARDER!
Everything seen in the video is 100% real!
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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more!

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  • I remember watching some of your bottle flips videos years ago and it is awesome to see you guys are exploding and still making content

  • 1:51 just how wet the ground was shows how hard this trickshot is

  • Their mom be like - “And who's gonna clean this mess boys”😂

  • I started my own trick shots video: I was 13 when I started, now I'm 39 and I'm still trying to get the first trick shot right. I guess I'll wrap up when I'll be 117 years old. You guys have talent.

  • 0:52 is harder than the actual level i think lol

  • This is taking dude perfect to another whole level.

    • dude perfect is perrrrfect

    • @mason_t_yt ok

    • @Dewie dude perfect has focused more on entertainment and less grindy trick shot.

    • Ikr

    • Dude perfect is more overrated

  • Now I am very sure that this guy has time stone and knew exact possibility of how to do anything

  • 0:26 let's just respect the Clean up on that

  • These get more insane as time goes on, we need a part 2 of the balloon trick shots.


  • Imagine how many balloons this took…

  • brothers m just goin through all of your video's one bye one & i must say you both are just ossm .. and m becoming a big fan of you guys .. u two are inspiring to do something crazy .. loved your video's.

  • You should really make a video with Dude Perfect! That would be so cool 😁

  • This is so amazing! Keep it up!

  • Nice video! Loved level 100, so satisfying

  • The new Dude Perfect of Balloon Popping

  • Why was lvl 90 soo satisfying?!🤩

  • This was stunning ❤

  • 1:24 you: let’s make a balloon change colors you might want to watch it twice Me: watches this part twice You are right!

  • I am just wondering if you guys are gonna do a water bottle flip 7. Great video keep up the great work

  • The neighbors be like”what are they doing lets call the cops”

  • you are amazing guys. celebrate your talent too more.

  • 1:57 you can see there is a lot of water on the ground from earlier attempts. This just shows the dedication. Imagine how many balloons yall needed for this video!!!

  • 4:08 perfect skill congratulations

  • On level 35 can we just appreciate that tommy made this and he also could’ve got hurt

  • I love all the trikshot you made please continue this because is really "that's amazing"

  • i can only imagine how many plates they broke practising level25

  • We should really appreciate him dropping a glass plate out of a window. Think of everything to clean up.

    • @Raymond Wang how was that relevant

  • So satisfying and so cool and such a good trick shot

  • You wanna know what’s illegal not subbing to these legends

  • i swear everything syncs in life

  • Level 95 is one of the hardest trick shots I have ever seen

  • Me if I had those skills: on my way to AGT

  • Satisfaction of passing levels or tricks are certainly satisfactory but the real thing to watch in these kids are their's perseverance and never surrender approach. Good luck boys...if you retain this approach in your life you can achieve anything.

  • 1:44 you can tell that it always don’t take them 1 attempt to do they try a lot you can tell that because there is already water on the floor before they even popped the ballon.

  • Now, I can understand the importance of the numerical portion in Physics.

    • Ok

  • Level 80 now that’s a chain reaction

  • Never give up when trying a trick shot

  • His mom walking through the door: AHHH WHAT IS THIS WTH MY FOOT

  • I never knew watching balloons pop could be so satisfying

  • Dad : so what are you doing son Son : just watching balloon popping and wasting my life.

  • That's really amazing 👏😍

  • Others: Wow this is amazing Me: Does your family sell balloons? I love them can I buy a few helium ones on my birthday?

  • I tried to stick a few different sharp objects through the part of the balloon you guys showed but it popped the balloon

  • Imagine how much balloons they have to blow up😨

  • At level 100 when Mathew said NO WAY!!! There's just something about it 4:10

  • That's actually amazing

  • Pretty hardcore music for people playing with balloons ngl. Great video though!

  • We want part 2!

  • I knew it was filled with water because look at the ground it's wet and you could tell it was heavier than normal

  • The one on level 50 should be in a video called "trying to do trickshots but instead doing odds"

  • That's Amazing: **popping balloons** ninjakiwi: *what am i doing with my life*

  • 0:26 hopefully that only took one try because you Don’t want to break that many plates do you

  • 2:49 slow motion sounds like an ar (assault rifle)

  • Level 80 is satisfying

  • lacrosse is my favorite sport also these are crazy keep up the trick shots

  • balloons: what day is it? balloon popping day . balloons:uh oh matthew and tommy: lets get poppin

  • 3:12 sounds like a chainlift for a rollercoaster

  • These are the types of questions we practice in physics

  • Level 50 that makes me laugh so hard

  • 0:25 Can we appreciate the amount of plates sacrificed in this trick shot

    • It probably didn't take that many tries for that one

    • Yeah

  • Want a part 2 soo amazing

  • When I saw that one balloon change color that was epic

  • Wow, you do trick shots when you don‘t even mean to!

  • Level 25 is the easiest of all even small kids could do😀😂😂

  • imagine how much balloons you spent for this video

  • Level 1 wasent level one isn’t SUPPOSED to be cool 🤣

  • "Level 75 was amazing bro👌👌

  • *This Guy Is the father of Physics*

  • 1:38 where did the tennis ball go?? It looks like it went over the fence

  • 3:11 so amazing

  • We need part two

  • 2:00 you can clearly see how much tries it took by the water down there they deserve 10 mil subs why don't you sub?

    • @Stone Faced that's rude and it's illegal to like your own comment / reply

    • Because they pop up in my recommended so I don’t need to sub.

  • Dis guys really are amazing 😮✨

  • impossible trick shot this needs years of practice superb unbelievable

  • The best ones are level 80, level 90 and level 95

  • We want part 2!

  • Hats off to your EFFORTS

  • Lets See An Part 2!

  • That last one was insane

  • I used to be a hater and then I started watching the more and now I like them they are better than all of these “”wannabes of dude 👍

  • You guys are just to amazing !!

  • Absolutely amazing

  • 2:17 was a great beat,it fit with the music

  • My brother watching this with me and he said I dont wanna watch these dude perfect wanna be's bruh I'm dying laughing rn🤣🤣🥰🤣

  • That's really amazing ..

  • U guys are amazing ur just like dude perfect

  • 2:17 The music perfectly synced with the shot😍😍

  • Level 75 is so cool!

  • It was so believable I couldin't even believe That happened

  • I can't believe it. You guys are amazing... 😄😃😃

  • i think level 95 was harder than level 100😂

  • 2:16 balling popped on beat

  • Disclaimer- No balloon is harmed during the video 😅😄

  • R u just good at everything bro like jeez, ur a god! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Level 5 is impossible for me! Because I cant make a hoop shot

  • Legends directly watch lvl 99 and 100

  • is trick?or real? if real, it's amazing~~~wow.

  • On the water catapult one you could see the water from the previous trys

  • Can we have a moment of silence for the balloons