50 Ways to Score a Half Court Shot

פורסם בתאריך 7 פבר 2021
50 basketball trick shots! This was actually a bit less than half of the trick shots we made all last year!
Shoutout to @Kevin Parry for the 50 ways to idea!

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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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  • This was insanely good. Even if it took dozens or hundreds of attempts to make each shot, the fact that you found 50 ways to shoot the half court shot is really cool. My favorite was the behind the back shot where you faced the other way and threw it around your back. That was smooth as hell. Nice video fellas.

    • @Carrie Robinson yeah, he's cool,right?! But,if you want to watch something super cool then you should watch dude perfect,just like what their channel's name perceive, they're truly, exceptionally, unbelievably perfect. Just give them a try.

    • Rrrrtyyyyuuuyyyuuuu

    • @Cha#### that's still a lot.

    • they probably only took an average of 100 attempts on each shot

  • These lads' arm strength is unreal. Huge respect!

  • People don’t realize how much strength it takes to make that sitting down and laying down. Mad respect been watching u guys for a while

    • yea sitting down shot by far the most difficult

    • @Reaper no, aside from that it is very, very difficult to learn, some professionals don't even know how to do it ... Then do it every 10 attempts😂 It is already difficult to do it yourself, imagine making a basket and from that distance, you will never have played football

    • @Lorenzo Drago sitting is harder bicycle kick just takes a bit to learn after you learn how to do it you could probably do it every 10 attempts sitting takes getting abs and triceps which takes way longer

    • @Lorenzo Drago I did not see a bicycle kick

    • dude I mean, like that's totally true but what about the lazy one

  • I love how we can see the ball from released to finished. Make us know how legit every shot is.

    • @Alessandro Vavra we know a lot of em are real though so its still pretty cool

    • they use technology or call it magic as you will

    • Not calling it fake but just because the ball is In the whole frame doesn’t mean it’s 100% real

    • I think this is totally based on practice hard work and 24 hour activated camera

  • You guys deserve as many subscribers as dude perfect. You do the same exact stuff but as kids. You're are so amazing! Keep it up.

    • thats amazing does it better tho

  • This guy has an insane amount of patience.

  • Can we all agree these guys are awesome!

  • This video should have wayyyy more views! Y’all did 50 trick shots in one video 🤯

  • Just came back to see how amazing you are, you should collab with Josh and his crew one day and make an epic trick shot battle

    • @Santiago Torres yeah they should

    • @Fnxrz ik but again

    • They already have like 4 times

    • They have

  • 49 looked insanely hard keep up the amazing work and this video wasn’t easy it’s so underrated it’s one of my favorite video on your channel

  • This was awesome! You guys are amazing! Also the little kid one just made my day 1000 times better, have a great day/night y’all >3

  • Insane talent, You sir have a new subscriber 🤘🤘

  • That's was just impressive . They are amazing and talented ! 🙂

  • The James Harden had me rolling 🤣🤣

  • Now THAT was MORE than amazing

  • You guys, are amazing- so much talent and dedication to these videos, you should be more famous than "dude perfect"

  • this vid was underrated, i think it should have gone more viral

  • Epic Video. Perfect timing with the Music and the Shots, perfect Basketballing.

  • You know it's weird how, in probably every video, they never say 'thats amazing after a really crazy shot like doing a triple tower shot or just at the end of a video, they could say, 'now That's Amazing'

  • Some of these were at night which just shows how much time and effort this takes

  • You siblings are legends 👏✨❤

    • Yea

    • They should be in the nba

    • @SHIVA BLOG fr

    • My bro is called Matthew but he would slap me if I called him Matthew and not matt 🤣🤦‍♂️

    • ’Bonjour’

  • These guys are practically dude perfect.

  • Those trick shots are blowing my mind 🤯

  • I dont know if people understand, these shots are EXTREMELY difficult. Props to yall man.

  • This would’ve taken so long to make!

  • Creative ;) Btw I can really relate to the “lazy” shot lol

  • this makes dude perfect look super easy

  • It makes everything look so easy!

  • You guys are the best legends in the universe

  • I don’t know why but I really thought for a second that the little brother was going to make that half court shot.😂😂

  • They don't deserve 3.88 M subs. They deserve 1 Billion subs. Love from India ❤️❤️

  • These boys need to play basket or soccer or something I'd think they would make it big with that kind of talent.

  • Underrated they deserve more

  • I’m wondering how long it takes to make these kind of videos

  • i cant even make a regular trick shot great work!

  • Dang!!! You guys are crazy good (I can't even get one) and you should totally try again and beat that record

  • Catching My Own Shot - That was amazing!

  • That laser shot was dope af!

  • That’s amazing I feel like you guys are better than dude perfect 😁

  • Once a legend forever a legend

  • Dude is like a mini version of dude perfect

  • cant imagine how much time this took

  • You are literally just like dude perfect 👍

  • Did you notice on the James Harden one he went lefty

  • That dude perfect…. That’s amazing!!

  • When you’ve been playing basket ball for 10 years and you see this: AHHHHHH

  • 1:14 that was a backcourt violation.. but that was amazing

  • When this video came out, I literally screamed in excitement.

  • This whole video was awesome I hope your vacation was awesome and did Mathew even shoot lefty from the James harden!

  • Wow this must have taken a long time great work

  • The next generation of dude perfect 👌👌

  • Bowling with a basket ball, how we make up That's Amazing

  • Sign this man to a 10 day contract!!!

  • you guys are to good to be true with trick shots. it takes a lot of strength to make a half court a specially sitting down, lying down, and lazy

  • Nothing impossible when that’s amazing

  • I love how for lazy the song played you gotta get up that is what I call timing 1:20

  • I love that they drove 20 hours to Florida in the middle of winter so they could shoot this.

  • Its so satisfying when it goes in

  • 3:29 I can’t imagine how cold the guy was

  • The James harden one got me

  • These guys make it look so easy

  • Most of these shots take insane strength and some ppl need to understand that as it may not look impressive to some but it’s really impressive

  • Me: **misses halfcourt shot by 19 feet** what my parents see:

  • I wonder how much time it took them to record that video and how many attempts to complete 50 shots made..

  • 1:29 the football one was awesome. Btw I watched ur second channel behind the scenes one.

  • Pound it! Noggin! That was such a cool way to do that shot lmao

  • You guys did more half court shots than I did shots in my youth career.

  • Underrated they deserve so much more

  • This is such a cool video number 49 inspired me such u don't even what it has done for me. It must have been hard to come up with all these shots

  • That’s amazing I just love you guys so much I have been watching your videos for 5years

  • Ya'll are literally insane, nobody will top you

  • You are so amazing 🔥🔥

  • This is amazing.

  • 🤨u can see that it is nighttime to show how long that trickshot took. Love the song it is amazing like u guys nice job guys

  • That’s amazing!

  • Been watching you for 5 years I am glad I grew up with u

  • Next... Catching My Own Full Court Shot? 🤔

  • Watching this rn in Florida for fall break 🤣

  • why aren't you in the NBA? You guys are so amazing

  • You kids are UN-B-LEAV-ABLE!😳😳 I couldn't make some of those shots if I tried a million darn times! Wow!‼💯💯👏👏👏✌I like how you guys threw in that james harden! LOL!👌😂

  • honestly get this guy on dude perfects channel

  • they did the dude perfect perfectly

  • Wow You Guys Are So Good At Calculating Distance

  • For fun I tried to make all of these but as a free throw and i only did about half because these are all so hard!

    • @AO-Phantom oh well it was pretty hard for me too but not as hard as this must have been!

    • @Maryellen Larkin I mean it’s hard for me

    • @AO-Phantom eh not really. I did them all from the free throw line and I only did half in about a month when they did all this in like a week

    • That’s impressive,doing half of the trickshots in here

  • Amazing good job, boys

  • the beat drops just hit different

  • they make it look so easy

  • Nice shots that’s amazing

  • Awesome!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🏀🏀🏀

  • This is my favorite video I watched it like 50 times

  • You just earned a subscription from me...keep it up...you will earn yourself 100M subs some time to come

  • You guys make it look easy

  • Do you know what’s funny backward shot first try on my first time doing it Lol

  • Love it nice work keep up the good work


  • I loved the Steph Curry. He is my favorite basketball player

  • Loved the exaggerated Harden step back.

  • 1:15 that's a travel not a james harden. but well done !!

  • Bruh he did every sport In one sport

  • You guys are amazing on this