100 IMPOSSIBLE Odds... ONE Lets You Win $1000

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100 Impossible Trick Shots, but only ONE Lets You Win $1,000!
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We're 2 brothers who made our own channel after watching Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, How Ridiculous, and the Legendary Shots. Our channel went big when we made amazing water bottle flip videos. We make trick shots, do challenges, and more! And our siblings make the videos even more amazing!

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    • When you do 100 balls lick you have to do it on the trampoline 100 and go to Doggett one course 100 bottles dude is on duty Sia this from Tobey

    • Do this challenge : Try to beat 10 000 bottle flip in a row

    • Lol Matthews face at 12:05

    • B👍🏼😎🤩👍🏼😀🤭

    • I subbed and liked😀

  • Rare to see such dedication to videos. I would have just given up on the second challenge it self...

    • Hi

    • @Sandra Seidler but they made their first video 7 years ago tho-

    • Please pin I’ve been subbed for 8 years now

    • @ RC_NightSky I actually was the first reply so get rekt son mlg mtn dew weed smoke bruh

    • first reply

  • It’s amazing how they give a few seconds of attention to a shot that took an hour to make lol! These guys put in work!!!!

    • Yea its crazy the boomarange dart shot was their best shot of 2020 of all time and they literally just quickly did it in thiws video. Props to them

  • The amount of hard work and time you guys put in these videos is insane. Keep up the good work!(If u wanna, bc you guys deserve a break

  • I'm just really impressed guys. Well done. I love how your channel has taken off.

  • Next level as always boys, great stuff!

  • Tommy said “I’m starting to think there’s no winning button at all” at 9:16 then almost clicked the win button but switched buttons last second 😂

  • You guys come up with the best trick shots! I can't even do a NORMAL bottle flip 😂😂

  • Thanks for making this vid I’m glad you still upload you guys are Nice people you just keep it for your viewers that’s amazing keep That work up I keep trying to do the same stuff as you so you are True legends keep you work up I never give up just like you Guys have a awesome winter have a great day bye!

  • Very wholesome. Good work. You deserve the success you guys must be getting

  • Dammm, that ballon trashcan shot was soooo satisfying!!!!!

    • Yea

    • soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo satisfying

    • @Jamie Bragg Why did you post that comment twice?

    • This video I like it

    • This video I like it

  • These dudes have a patient of a life time. I barely have enough patients to do 100 bottle flips!

  • The amount of dedication put into this video is insane

  • I just love that they never give up, just keep going!

  • Tommy and Mathew are so good at trick shots I hope they never leaves that’s Amazing!🤍💙

  • This is just insane! I can’t even imagine how long this took

    • Who knows

    • Yea takes them Like 7 days

    • Z

    • @Kay Vee He didnt say that all those trickshots were worth a grand, but that 8 days were worth a grand so it has nothing to do if the trickshots are guaranteed or not

    • @Kay Vee this is content

  • I have rewatched this video at least 7 times lol I am wondering how much the pack of 4 for the buttons you guys bought were. I found a pack of 4 for 13$ and I am wondering if that is simular to what you guys spent

  • The delayed reaction to the dice tower had me roolllling😂😂

  • Great video, keep up the good work. My older son Jack loves your videos! 👍

  • They always put a lot of effort into there self nice work guys

  • The robinhood dart at the 5th try was just amazing tommy!

    • Yea it took him like 9 days and now he did it in 5 tries like breh

    • i agree!

    • You guys are something special

    • @iiWxllz if it was staged he would count to 100,000 like mrbeast

    • @archy theres no possible way to stage that

  • This might be my favorite, because Ive watched it 4 times now and keep forgetting who won... 😂

  • That’s so cool! How long did you practice before you got the water bottle trick?

  • Your bottle flipping videos inspired me to do 100 bottle flips in a row, but I only did 92 in a row. Also the reason why I couldn’t do another try was because my bottle broke.

  • I think you guys combined have done the largest amount of "impossible" trickshots in the world.

  • I love how you guys keep stepping up these videos!!! I’m inspired! Let’s Go!!!

  • I love how you guys are so honest about how long it took you

  • bro these guys are insane they deserve 50 mil subs for the content

  • The insane amount of commitment that they put into this video

  • You should do a video counting your top ten favorite, hardest, and/or easiest shots.

  • Just INSANE guys!!!! Mad respect. Reaction level 10 when Matthew chose the Boomerang Dart Shot and Tommy chose the Robinhood a Dart. Solid gold you guys!!! THE BEST ILaward CHANNEL.

  • Me who at the very beginning said “I would choose that one first” and it ended up being the winning one: 👁👄👁

  • I love how Colin just watches them

  • These two can do ANYTHING!

  • This video is amazing, keep it up!

  • I’m speechless from this stuff… this is just insane! Next level, and good stuff for sure! Keep up the good work :D

  • I love how they keep saying game over when they get a hard shot even though they get it in like an hour or 30 minutes

  • 7:18 Let’s take a moment to realize Isabel high five his fist bump 🤦🏼

  • A few days ago I entered a football pitch knowing I’m facing a strong team. I was so angry I threw it from mid pitch and landed on the corner of the pitch right where the 2 lines meet 😳

  • AMAAAAAAZING video! That was so much fun to watch. 😍

  • These kids need to do a TED Talk on perseverance. The patience and dedication they apply to their own ridiculous tasks is what makes this so enjoyable. 99.99% of the population would give up after their first attempt at most of these. love it and I hope they're cashing in.

  • What patience you both have!!

  • “Locked into closet for 3 hours” can not be a trick shot 😂

    • Lol yea and I even saw matthew in the closet in the Open House proof its real

  • At 1:40 I laughed so hard!

  • I saw a video of a guy (maybe one of these dudes) going to an arcade and just absolutely killing every single thing. Also, DEX stat is 50

  • This was the BEST video y’all have ever done! You guys are insane

    • For sure and its long too so more monatizeation and better contecnt

    • @David Panken David 🤡

    • A City fan and still saying “y’all” 🤮

    • And he’s a city fan 😂, have a great day mate

  • Dude the dedication in this video! You'd think it was a Mr Beast last to stop trickshotting wins $1,000,000!

  • “Write you ran me in reverse, it’s your demon name” Hannah: “maybe I am a monster”

  • I love when you made the boomerang dart and you tried to give Isabell knuckles instead she high-fived you

  • They always say "Game over, I lost" Then they end up doing it

  • this channel is insane, and the fact that they made it to the last 5 buttons (5% chance) made it all the more impressive and fun to watch

    • @UnknownRager96 Given that the order in which the buttons are selected matters, this is a permutation. Meaning there are 7.77718462 x 10^155 different ways to chose these. There are 3.88859231 x 10^154 different ways to chose 95 out of the 99 that aren't the 1000 dollar button. Meaning the odds of them not hitting that specific button in 95 tries is the second number divided by the first, which I hate to say is exactly 5%. You were correct my bad :)

    • @ImRinoes well think about it this way if we label those buttons from 1 - 100, and let's say they push them all in order, then there is a 5% chance of it being between 96 - 100, so the odds don't actually change too much, but yes that would be a good inference so good job

    • They put a lot of time into this what do the parents think

    • it's actually a way lower chance than 5%, as every single pick the odds of them picking the right button increases

  • You know it’s coming when the intense music starts playing 😎

  • It is unbelievable how you guys can do this stuff!

  • You guys do the most amazing trick shots and push yourself to the limits you are amazing❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • 9:18 lol Tommy went for the winning button but chose the other one.

  • okay they literally get more impressive as time goes on.

    • @Jamie Zhang everyone : no one cares Me : okay i could've taken that spot

  • Respect for Hannah she is a legend-

  • 7:18 is it a fist bump, is it a high five, no one knows

  • Waiting for more to see like this and also waiting for that's amazing gaming channel..!!!!!

  • When there were about twelve left or whatever I picked one that I thought would win… it was the red one that actually ended up winning

  • YESSS this is epic!!!

  • This is absolutely insane.

  • expectations: only 1 button remained and no one had won until then. reality: first button *you win a $1000 game over*

  • I love when hannah just crawled away from matthew

  • You're truly amazing! May God Bless You'll! ♥♥♥

  • I'm happy for Matthew because he got many hard ones

  • Mat:I'm going to click the next one colin: NO!!!!!!

  • Cool videos guys! I want you to know that my cat LOVES the show, he's mesmerised. 😁

  • after watching this it’s safe to say these boys are the best at trickshots in the world

  • Yo the amount of time tommy and Mathew it’s taken just shows how hard the grind is

    • Next level as always boys, great stuff!

    • Him: Offers a fistbump Her: Offers a high five You’re Trade Offer Has Been Declined.

  • Mathew did amazing trick shots but the 10 cap flip that Tommy did that was amazing and I can only do 6 caps in a row

  • lmao, the older guy legit hovered over the 1k one but then switched :)

  • Tommy: *lands 100 bottle flips* Me:*how do I land just 1 single bottle flip!?* The next day Me:wow 4 in a row This definitely deserves more subscribers

  • Can we get a round of applause to the best video ever

  • You guys have what it takes to go far on ILaward - cause it’s clear you put in the work 💪

  • You guys should do a behind the scences video on this and talk about things like what the other buttons were and

  • pretty epic keep up the good work

  • You deserved to win Hats off to you guys 🙌

  • Mathew:I’m not scared of any of these buttons Later:this is gonna take forever Me: wha-?

  • The effort put in to this is insane🙏🏼

  • It's basically a recreation of all the trick shots they have done in the past but as a challenge.

  • That’s amazing Ryman her progress first time it took 200 hours second time it took 15 to 20 hours third time it took five a tab that was shocking this shows how much work they took

  • sometimes u just need to take time and suffer a lot of fails to get a great win

  • The back of the dart came flying off when Matt scored the boomerang dart shot

  • Great job guys! Hannah's bottle flip melted my heart!

  • Just imagine they would spend that energy and dedication into something actually useful. "Just kidding" :D

  • That Robin Hood was totally crazy OMG! 😳

  • You guys are epic.... Great video 🤘🤘

  • These trickshots are so awesome I can't do them myself good video this is awesome 😎😎👍

  • This was a great video and it was intense, I thought that Matthew would lose after he pressed the "stack 4 golf balls" button

  • I can't believe you guys can do it, it's awesome

  • I am a huge fan of you guys Thats amazing you guys are so cool.All of your family is talented.

  • Great videos keep making these awesome shots

  • You should always show the fails because it makes it look more believable

  • 9:16 Tommy almost pressed the winning button!

    • @Sasuke pizza Kitten yeah

    • @That’s Amazing thank you for ❤️ on the comment! It is your 3rd ❤️ on my comment! Keep it up!

    • @Abdul Aziz I’m sorry

    • Some people would be grateful for this but am not i don’t like spoilers.. i clicked the timestamp anyway lol

  • You’re so great I wish I could do that

  • This channel just needs to be verified.

  • Man, that must have taken so long to make! You got so lucky on the robin hood! How about you try doing 2 robin hoods in a row or even better, robin hood in a robin hood. Great video!

  • The video was more intense then I thought when it was the final five buttons I thought it was one of the three buttons

  • The dedication of you guys is insane. I could see myself trying 24/7 for a whole year and still not being able to do these.👏

    • @• TheAdGrapes • Scroll down a tiny biot more and you;;;ll find it

    • @Just Some Guy without a Mustache who posted the original comment and where? (btw I’m not doubting you I honestly just wanna know)

    • @dolita windo copycat

    • @dolita windo Bro u literally just copied someone else's comment

    • That's Amazing's Robin Hood progress: 1st time: 200 Hours 2nd time: 15-20 Hours 3rd time: 5th Attempt 4th time: 1st Attempt??